Old School New Body Review

During our teens or twenties or early thirties, we used to eat so much fatty foodstuff and yet could maintain a wonderful and youthful figure. In those days, whatever was consumed during the day was burned out at night at parties and pubs. However, as we grow old, it can become difficult to maintain our bodies and we put on weight and look old.

The general perception is, you need to exercise a lot and the excess fat will disappear. So we hit the gym and sweat it out for hours and end up spending huge sums of money in the process. However, the gym experience does not produce any results and we still continue to be fat and old looking.

Here’s where the Old School New Body program comes into the picture. The program makes use of simple steps in order to get rid of excess fat and regain your youthful figure.

Does Old School New Body Work

Let’s take a look at the program in detail.

Steve and Becky Holman are the brains behind the Old School New Body. Steve was the Editor-in-Chief of the Iron Man magazine. Therefore, you can be rest assured the Old School New Body is conceptualized by a person with loads of knowledge and Steve definitely knows what is right and what it not.

In fact, both Steve and Becky are proof of the success of the program. This couple are aged 50 plus, but do they look 50 plus? The answer is a big No. They definitely look younger. People over the world just admire this couple and numerous people are inspired to try the Old School New Body.

The Old School New Body has been an overwhelming success as it does not promote anything heavy. The program is all about simple steps and one need not spend a bomb to stay fit, nor do you need to sweat it out in a gym for hours in order to regain a youthful figure.

The program follows 5 rules. Now these rules are really interesting and I am sure most of us were of a different view about these aspects. Let us take a look at the rules in detail.

Stop having low fat diets

I am sure all of us are of the view that if we consume low fat food, we will be able to keep our weight under control. The truth is people who consume low fat foodstuff continue to become fat. All of us think that fat is bad, when the truth is just the opposite. Out bodies require fat for survival. Fat is required for the nourishment of the body and by consuming low fat diets the body does not receive what is required. Therefore, you should eat healthy foodstuff and fatty foodstuff is not an issue at all. It’s just that the excessive fat needs to be taken care of. The next rule will explain how to take care of the excessive fat.

Drink lots of water Our bodies will be unable to survive without water. Drinking water is really simple, yet it very difficult to believe as to how we just avoid having water in adequate quantities. We end up having all kinds of drinks and for some unknown reasons we give very little relevance to water. Water helps in keeping the body well hydrated. A well hydrated body is the key to good health. Besides, water helps in burning the excessive fat. Excessive fat needs to be burned and this process ensures, we maintain a good and youthful body. Drinking water is the key to great health and a healthy person will always look young.

Cardio Exercises will not reverse the aging process Most of us are under the impression that if we sweat it out in the gym, we will end up with fabulous bodies and as a result, we will be heart healthy. The fact of the matter is, there are people who sweat it out in the gym for hours and yet they cannot control their weights. Besides, these fitness freaks are definitely not in the best of health. The Old School New Body explains what exercises are required to keep the body fit. The exercises listed are really easy and there is no need to sweat it out in the gym for hours. In fact, you may find it hard to believe you have to follow simple exercises for just 90 minutes in a week to attain a fabulous body.

Age is just a number The general perception is as people age their health also deteriorates. If this was the case no one would have lived beyond 70. The fact of the matter is the number of healthy people beyond 70 years is higher than the younger lot. The Old School New Body explains this point in detail.
Is Old School New Body a scam

Stop working out As stated earlier, most of us think if we sweat it out for hours in the gym we can retain our youthful looks. There is no truth in this fact as there are numerous freaks who spend hours in the gym and yet cannot control their weights. It is recommended you stop sweating it out in the gym and carrying heavy weighs as this can have an adverse effect on your body and health. The Old School New Body tells you what exercises are required for your body. Besides, these exercises do not require hours and produce better and quicker results than the methods followed by most of us.

To conclude, the Old School New Body is an amazing success. The program has helped numerous people regain their youthful looks and more importantly energy. A fatter person needs to make a bigger effort in order to perform daily tasks and as a result ends up loosing energy. A fatter person perspires more when compared to a thin healthy person. Thanks to the Old School New Body, people have been able to regain the lost energy and youthful figures in addition to good health.